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 Scripting Language

1.0 - General informations
2.0 - Perl
3.0 - Tcl/Tk
4.0 - Shell scripts
5.0 - JavaScript
6.0 - Php
7.0 - Python
1.0 - General informations
There a developpement tool to make additionnal functions availables to some scripting languages.  This tool is named SWIG and could be found at

2.0 - Perl
Active State Programmer Network as good informations on Perl/TclTk/Php and Python ont their web site at
Comprehensive Perl Archine Network hold many good thing of perl at
Using QT from Perl scripts

3.0 - Tcl/Tk

Here are a few reference on the net about tcl/tk programming.
First you must know that TCL stand for Tool Command Language and TK for ToolKit.
A company that support it and distribute it is Active State, a vancouver/canada based company.

The Tcl Developper site at is a good start place to find information.

Download page at Active State is have unices and ms windows precompiled versions.
There is also Active State Programmer Network at that is a good information site as the man pages at

There is a quick reference guide for tcl/tk at
Some informations at is interesting like how to integrate c++ code within tcl/tk
Developpement on tcl/tk language is hosted as sourceforge
The tcl/tk cook book is also interesting here

Good list of tutorial could be found at
I've started with the first one

I've found a good editor for projects with coloring syntax at yes I know it's only for windows but under that OS it do the job.

An interesting fact is that it exist a internet browser plugin to run tcl/tk code.  Found more info at

Lot of usefull links
Getting started
Beginning with tcl/tk
VTK Tcl wrapper*checkout*/Wrapping/Tcl/README?content-type=text%2Fplain&rev=1.9&root=VTK
Tcl and Tk interface to ImageMagik
Extension for image maniuplation
Mix tcl/tk/c for image manipulation
XBit image processing
Metakit database
Tcl command writing in C

4.0 - Shell scripts
5.0 - JavaScript
6.0 - Php
7.0 - Python

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